United Soccer Academy – USA

United Soccer Academy is dedicated to helping children succeed in life, through the medium of soccer. We build principles and character centered values such as Excellence, Personal Growth, Confidence, Discipline, Leadership, Responsibility, and Team Work.

After being deeply immersed in the beautiful game for many decades, we have carefully picked the most effective training elements we have had the privilege to work with and blended them into an exciting and authentic soccer teaching method that ensures visible results.

Training Method & Coaching Philosophy

Our Training focuses mainly on the technical aspects of the game. We agree that Team Tactics, Set  Pieces, and Strength & Conditioning programs are important but also believe these aspects of the game are better taught in the later teen years. Too often we see strong, tall, fast, and fit players rely too heavily on their athletic abilities in their younger years only to not reach their full potential later on because they never became “One with the Ball”. Skills are paramount and any team formation or game plan will always only be as good as the individual players executing it.

​Besides teaching the necessary ball skills via the Coerver Method we also make much use of Small Sided Games to encourage our players to use those learned skills in fun, intense small sided games under realistic pressure to ensure optimal resistance and high amount of repetitions. Although soccer at first glance might seem to be played 11v11 we believe that in reality it is a game of  interconnected short sequences of small sided games of 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 3v3, 4v3, and 4v4.